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Reycom Cipta Semesta offer end-to-end construction and project management services, from concept to completion. Our experienced team ensures efficient project planning, cost control, procurement, scheduling, and quality management.


Decorative Wall Panels: Our decorative wall panels are designed to enhance the visual appeal of interior spaces. With various patterns, textures and finishes available, we offer versatile options that can transform plain walls into stunning focal points, adding depth and character to any room.


Reycom Cipta Semesta provide Tower Cranes with various models of capacity jib length and height that can be designed to give maximum efficiency and effectiveness for contractors to build projects in a safety way

Aritco HomeLift

Aritco is an award-winning manufacturer of platform lifts. We supply a wide range of lifts for homes, public and commercial spaces. Meeting the highest requirements regarding accessibility, comfort, space-efficiency, and design. Our lifts are built and designed with outstanding quality, safety, and reliability in mind with a variety of options to perfectly suit both new and existing buildings. Since we started in 1995 more than 40,000 lifts have been installed in buildings around the world creating possibilities for millions of people.