Aritco platform lift

Aritco aims to make home lifts a natural part of people’s everyday lives.

We believe that the definition of a modern home will change – that modern homes and contemporary living will include home lifts. Our journey started 1995, with the simple idea of improving mobility everywhere. Today, Aritco lifts can be found in over 40,000 buildings and private homes around the world.

Simplicity, quality and innovation are the hallmarks of all Aritco’s activities. We are constantly seeking new ways to improve the quality, design and user-friendliness of our products, as well as our environmental impact. Safety and reliability are top priorities, and we follow Europe’s strictest quality and safety standards.

All Aritco lifts are developed and produced in Stockholm, Sweden, and we are proud to maintain the highest level of quality in all stages of the process, from design through to final installation in your home.